The Black holes as a conveyers to parallel universes!

I just saw Curiosity’s episode 05 which is named is there parallel universe and in the episode there was a man named Nikodem Poplawski! That man gave a theory that the black hole can not only destroy matter but also create it in a form of a new universe in the end of the black hole as a white hole. That idea is good but to me that is not very possible because of the low energy that the black hole get’s from a star the swallows (I’m no expert just saying what I think). To me that version is possible but in some other way. For example on an airport there is a huge amount of conveyer belts that move on suitcase from another because they are going to a different planes, that way I think the black hole works that same thing happens, but instead of creating a universe the black hole moves through universes looking for a empty space to recreate the same star or planet back again. Not the same way as It swallowed it but as the hole pile of rock and everything in it!

But that is just my thinking of his theory! I’m no expert no can I confirmed my theory just saying!


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