The Intersect technology and the possibilities of new teaching methods in our world!

Please before you start criticizing me let me say I understand very well English but I’m bad with writing and speaking English! So excuse me if i have some mistakes on my post!

Recently I watched Chuck (the tv series) and I saw a “device” which was a teaching and storing secrets “device”. Which make me think about the possibilities of making it available in our world, and teaching and storing a certain thing in our brains and making it a perfect teaching and storing “device”. In our world this device can be used in almost every scenario imaginable! Let’s say that you have a soldier that needs to be ready for another mission for 24 hours but he has things to learn for at least a week, with a “device” like this you can easily teach him everything that he needs to know for no more than 10 minutes. The “device” can be used like in Chuck, but it can be used also like a blocking certain parts of the brain in exact moment for let say talking different language. For example: You have a person knowing at least 10 languages and sometimes he mixes them up, with a “device” like this at a certain moment this blockage can be activated and he can speak only one of all others languages! And another example for storing information in the brain: Let say you have to remember most wanted list for certain persons you can “downloaded” in the brain of someone and when he sees someone he can get from his brain the details of this person and know who he is, why is he in the list, and for what is he wanted. And that is not the only cases that you can use that kind of “device” in our world. Let’s say you are a professor in some university and you have a lection that you need to teach but at the same time you don’t have time to write it or to print it or something like that! Well with a “device” like this you can store it in your brain and when it comes time to teach it you brain can easily get to it without any problem.

But also I need to say that in Chuck the Intersect has interesting way of getting you the information about something. In Chuck the person with the Intersect needs to flash to get some information which in some cases is very good because there is no way you can store that kind of information in someone’s brain and let it float around that would make that person crazy. But in some cases like in the case of fighting styles and teaching techniques they can be stored in the brain and do not need flash to activate them. So in all cases certain information can be useful stored in someone’s brain but at the same time to need a flash that is still a problem that needs solving. 
In conclusion I would like to say that in our world this can be easily be very useful technology and not only that very useful teaching method!

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